“Slastena” corn sticks

Client: AYAM LLP

Task: to develop a creative concept of an advertising campaign to promote the corn sticks brand

Solution: “Slastena” corn sticks are well known to the people of Kazakhstan and, in Almaty, 80% of the buyers of this delicacy choose this brand rather than anything else. The Agency’s task was to develop a campaign that would encourage consumers to buy the product more often. We noticed that consumers like to crunch sweet treat while watching their favorite movies with the whole family. So the campaign is aimed at consolidation of the snacking habit during watching TV, that can enhance the movie experience.

Research and marketing
: Nataliya Tregubova
Idea and design: Ilya Timofeyev, Igor Yug
Project support: Darya Nurlybekova, Akmaral Kayupova


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