Protection of Copyright and Related Rights

Protection of Copyright and Related Rights

Is your company involved in creation, recording, publication, distribution, or sale of works of art, pieces of music or literary works?

Does your company have a website, brochure, corporate video, or run advertisements in newspapers or TV?

Does your company use music, artwork, or software products owned by others in any of its publications, brochures, databases or websites?

Does your company own software licenses?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you are involved, directly or indirectly, in the so-called copyright-related activities and your company needs to know what to do to:

  • Protect your own works or creations and make sure that you use your rights to the best advantage and get equitable remuneration for any use of your creations.
  • Lawfully use or operate works or creations of others by permission of the author or right owners under reasonable and fair conditions.

Our services:

– Registration of copyrighted items

Copyright protection is automatic and does not depend on registration. However, many countries have national copyright offices and statutory possibility to register works. The Republic of Kazakhstan laws and regulations provide for the possibility to register copyright in the official registers. Registration of your works would be a reasonable choice, since this will help in case of a dispute, for example, regarding the ownership of the respective work. Our specialists will prepare all necessary documents to register your work with the Intellectual Property Committee and do all paperwork prior to issue of the State Registration Certificate.

– Signing of licensing agreements to use works and items of related rights.

For some companies, use of copyrighted works, sound recordings, broadcasts or performances may be a key element of their daily activities. So the most important thing, such company should know of, is whether a licence is required for such activities. As a rule, each commercial use of such rights requires a license or transfer of rights from the copyright holder. Regarding the license, you should find out whether the rights are controlled by the collective management organization or author or manufacturer and negotiate a license agreement prior to your use or operation of the product in question. Remember that copyright infringement proceeding may prove very expensive, so it is more reasonable to think about all these issues before you have created difficulties for yourself and your company. Our specialists will gather all necessary information, conduct negotiations, prepare all documents required to sign the license agreement with the copyright or related rights holder and register the contract with the Intellectual Property Committee. As a result you’ll be issued the State Registration Certificate, which will save you troubles with the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Division of the Department of Justice.

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