Nagyz Dairy Products

Client: Ice-Plus LLP (Aktobe)

Task: brand design development for dairy products made following traditional home recipes.

Solution: Nagyz brand offers nothing short of truly home-style dairy products made of whole milk and top-quality cream. That’s exactly why the products have higher fat content and sweetish taste – a taste of farm-style products. What counts most in Nagyz brand concept is indication of the brand origin and unique taste. To push the product closer to its home-made fellows and create associative link between their tastes, we made the base color of the packaging as close to the color of baked milk as possible.

Nagyz dairy products – creamy taste of home-made foods from childhood.

Idea and design: Rustam Gareyev
Research and marketing: Natalya Tregubova
Support: Akmaral Kayupova, Darya Nurlybekova, Margarita Neyeshkhlebova


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