Ice Dairy Company, New ice cream brands

Ice Dairy Company, New ice cream brands



Ice Dairy Company, New ice cream brands

Ice Company is the leader of the dairy market in Western Kazakhstan. The last 2 years are marked for the company with an active development in the ice cream segment. During this time, we have created 4 new brands, 3 of them were launched in 2018. They allowed the company to position itself in this market, in spite of national and import giants. 

The complexity as well as the interest of the task was due to the product itself. On the one hand, ice cream is a simple product, and on the other, it requires something new to succeed. Significant sales in each season are generated by new products – either the brand new “flavor” novelties in the existing lines or products created by completely new technology.

Over the next 3-5 years, trends in the ice cream market will be:

  • New items make the market: new types of ice cream (not only eskimo, sugar cone) strengthen the position, consumers easily switch  from type to type
  • Simple is good, complex is even better. Ice cream is an indulgent product, so ingredients and extraordinary taste are the main criteria of choice. This occurs both as at the product level and at the perception level.
  • A small self-reward or reduction in the portion size, which allows to consume favorite foods (not always healthful), but in small portions or small foods for children
  • Tasty and healthy or interest in functional ice cream with bifidobacteria, yoghurt varieties

It is important that about 70% of the market volume is represented by products in the economy and standard segments. These are the basic types of ice cream – a regular tub, a simple eskimo, fruit ice. Every year the consumption increase in the higher price segment is observed associated with the availability of other “pleasure” options.

For these reasons, the company expected not just new brands, but a clear understanding of the category development and new product solutions.

Openness to everything new became possible not only due to the acquisition of a new production line, but also the desire to blow up the market.

The development was based on detailed knowledge of the market. We tried to focus on the most active consumers of ice cream, offering them something that could refill the unsatisfied demand.

Therefore, taking into account their life style and behavior patterns, we found interesting solutions.

Going deeper into the ice cream market and related categories (beverages, confectionery) and understanding how competitors’ capacities develop and what consumers need gave a solid foundation for designing new products and brands with individual character focused on their target audience.

Martukskoye ice cream… so familiar and native

Martukskoye ice cream is the first ice cream brand we launched. And it was logical. Classic recipes, only fresh milk, natural cream from our own farm and nostalgia of local consumers for the most delicious Martukskoye ice cream, which was once produced there and named so. All these ingredients of positioning are laid in the style of the product itself and its packaging, starting from familiar taste combinations like plombir and real cream and continuing development in the forms like waffle cup, eskimo, sugar cone and family pack.

The target audience was not chosen by chance – these are people over 30 years old, who caught the time when ice cream was sold in kiosks. In their childhood, that it was the most delicious, it had so familiar milky taste with sweetish creamy notes.


Frosta Rica – the taste of fresh impressions

When developing new products, knowing the production potential of the company, we decided to offer something really new for the market of Kazakhstan.  In many ways, this direction was dictated by the desires of the consumers themselves – more natural, lighter, really refreshing, with a lot of “filling”, unlike the sooooo sweet traditional ice cream. Such a healthful “maximalism” that way.

As a result, the Frosta Rica line became the embodiment of the bold desires of young experimenters aged 20-30 years. All these made it possible to come off “to the fullest” with sherbet of natural fruit and berry puree and frozen yogurt with pieces of real fruit.

A bet on a young audience was made deliberately. This group represents the second largest segment in the group of active consumers, and also has a good response to everything new.

In 2018, the Frosta Rica line started with two sherbet products – strawberry and mango, and three variations based on natural yogurt – pineapple, mango, and peach.  In the new season, we will surprise consumers with new experiences of Frosta Rica Ice Tea.


NomNom – bold tastes of summer!

The most active ice cream consumers are children and teenagers. At the same time Ice product portfolio didn’t include any product for this audience. The company offered Snezhok and Cheburashka ice cream. But how can such products be interesting for modern children?

Therefore, we could not come by this segment.

Nowadays, children very quickly become independent and already at the age of 7-8 years, not only influence the choice but also make the purchase decision themselves. It is difficult for adults to understand their behavior or their choices, especially when they have their pocket money. It is important for them the things to be “cool!”, “nifty!”, and this applies to everything – packaging, product color, ingredients, form.

That is why we needed a product for “tearing the head off”.

And we got it – it’s a round creamy ice cream in ultra bright glaze with unusual flavors. The name also came from teenage slang – NomNom is an accompanying sound during savory eating of something very tasty.

In the 2018 season, NomNom is represented by 3 tastes:  Tropic, Strawberry and Bubble Gum.

Information and method:

  • Workshop with company employees (technologists, marketing, sales)
  • TNS* Gallup Media MMI Research
  • Poll of category managers in the key account and sellers in B, C in Aqtobe
  • Company data (sales, price monitoring, etc.)
  • Earlier studies in CIS and world
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