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Kaz Capital Invest (KCI) has been operating in Astana market for more than 10 years. The Company’s owns land plots located in the most favorable districts of the Kazakhstan capital which constitute its core asset.  The Company’s active cooperation with the industry leaders resulted in the construction of 15 residential complexes.

In 2015, the Company decided to boost its development branch and construct residential complexes in compliance with a new concept and format similar to the one used in Smart House Residential Complex.

The following obstacles to further business line growth became obvious upon the sales commencement:

  1. KCI low consumer awareness in the retail market adversely impacted trust, specifically, in the environment of construction market volatility (bankruptcy, fraud, etc.), affecting the customer flow;
  2. The per square meter price of smart-flats exceeded the price offered by the market leader in comfort segment that evidenced misunderstanding of the offer value causing numerous rejections;
  3. The sector evolved to offer the aggregate flat area as a standard, therefore, the developers are rather after the amount of meters than space quality. This approach contributed to the following flats perception: “the bigger space the better” and “small space is bad”.  The clients were puzzled at the possibility to place a 3 room apartment on 58 м2.

Upon interviewing the company’s employees, client polling, and assessment of the sales department work quality a solution road map has been determined allowing the company to achieve its sales targets within 3 months.


Step 1. Who are we? Despite 10 years of work in construction sector the Company has never been a developer.  KCI had no clear platform distinguishing it on the developers market. The suggested position of a trendsetter seamlessly implemented the ideas of future projects in the formats new for Astana. Therefore, the spirit of youth, ambition and style inherent in the Company drove its development.

Step 2. What is our product?

Smart House Residential complex is a unique project in Astana. Small flats have already been offered in the city in the economy segment in the districts remote from the city center.  Such residences acquisition usually considered for investments or a start in the capital.

The information regarding the market helped develop the following potential purchaser’s profile: young (25-35 years old), ambitious, practical, ready for big things, but not too big and always in the thick of actions, therefore, location is vital.

Well-minded point of view of the target purchaser was the basis for the unique selling proposition generation, i.e., the benefit obtained not only in the course of the flat purchase but throughout the use thereof.

Step 3. How to make it clear to the client?

Boundless confidence in BI Group is rooted in continuous presence in media space and the company publicity as compared to other market players. The client was given messages revealing primarily the advantages of smart residence and those intended to generate the company’s image.

Collaboration with KCI has become one of numerous projects where the involvement of personnel on all levels “from manager to owner” drove quick success encouraging new victories and assignments.

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