Task: to develop a brand for packaged fresh meat

Solution: in anticipation of a harsh winter, Kazakhs harvested meat for the winter from the times of yore. Sogym is a special time and custom of the Kazakhs. After all, this is an excellent occasion to gather all members of a large family, to unite generations, old and young, to renew neighborly and friendly relations.
Together with the client, we developed the Jana Arqa Sogymy brand to tell people about this tradition. Carcass dressing, festive dastarkhan, servery of meat, serving to guests are filled with meaning and have a special purpose. We develop the authentic  packaging that contains not only a properly prepared piece of fresh meat in a vacuum package, but also ancestral covenants for future generations.

Idea and design: Berik Yergaliyev
Project support: Maria Kondratyeva, Akmaral Kayupova


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