Turkish Ayran

Client: Ice-plus LLP ( Aktobe)

Task: Turkish ayran was produced by the Ice company earlier, but the product was more like salty kefir than Turkish ayran. After changing the recipe, the product acquired the characteristics of Turkish ayran, which became a prerequisite for changing the packaging design.

Solution: We found that the new ayran is really close to what we used to see in Turkey from our own experience first-hand and from the consumers’ feedback, we decided to embody traditional and familiar Turkish motifs. They inspired us to design the packaging with certain elements, recognizable images, patterns, and colors.

The updated Turkish Ayran from Ice Dairy Company is the evocation of the traditional Turkish Ayran with a refreshing, light, savoury, slightly salty taste. Like the Turkish original, Ayran made by Ice is the perfect companion for food. Therefore, in the course of joint work, we decided to offer the market a new packaging format – a cup, which was also well received by HoReCa.

Natural Turkish Ayran – try it yourself!

Research and marketing:
Natalya Tregubova
Idea and Design: Rustam Gareyev, Aidos Yakhiyaev
Accompaniment: Akmaral Kayupova, Darya Nurlybekova, Margarita Neyeshkhlebova


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