Only local goods, are so fresh and good

Client: Ice-Plus LLP (Aktobe)

Task: We have been engaged to develop a promotion aimed at strengthening of ICE-Plus’s image of a regional dairy industry leader processing whole milk.  The campaign was also targeted at the expansion of the ICE-Plus’s market share as compared to other competitive brands from Almaty and Russia.

Solution: All ICE-Plus products are processed in Aktobe close proximity being their unmatched advantage. Aktobe residents always enjoy fresh products with transportation and storage taking minimum time.  This was the basis of the idea: «Only local goods, are so fresh and good!».  It is not just a slogan, it is a very truth evidenced by facts, technology, ICE-Plus’s farm and high quality standards. This is the flag and the motto with which ICE-Plus may confidently fight for its territory.

Research and marketing: Natalya Tregubova
Idea and design: Igor Mitin
Support: Akmaral Kayupova, Margarita Neyeshkhlebova





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