Frosta Rica

Client: Ice-Plus LLP (Aktobe)

Task: to develop a new brand of ice-cream to diversify the product portfolio of Ice Company.

Solution: the challenge set to the Agency extended beyond drawing of a beautiful picture. It was critical to add an ice-cream, which is sure to be loved, to the Client’s brand portfolio. With that in mind we analyzed Aktobe ice-cream market. And our recommendations cover the type, form and tastes of the new ice-cream. We developed the brand character, positioning and values with due regard for the target audience.

We created the ice-cream for youths who enjoy life to the full and follow trends, but at the same seek for self-expression: hence the bright and colorful style of packing.

Research and marketing: Nataliya Tregubova
Idea and design: Berik Yergaliyev
Project support: Akmaral Kayupova, Margarita Neyeshkhlebova.

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