Stroyclass Case



Stroyсlass Company – one of the leading players on economy-class residential real property market of Astana – requested the Agency to develop and implement tools to raise apartment sales.


Construction of residential properties in Astana is among the most rapidly growing industries of the country and competition between developers is intense. Therefore, each player on this market takes every effort to create a unique positioning and communicate the same, which coupled with smooth teamwork will ensure achievement of target sales. The company offered very attractively priced apartments, but failed to get the desired number of real clients from a large amount of calls.

Upon the expiry of 3 months from completion of works and launch of communication activities:

– number of incoming calls grew by 40%

– number of apartments viewed by potential clients grew by 85%

– total sales doubled

In a year:

– sales grew 4.5 times

So the goal became clear to us; it was necessary to determine a set of tools to achieve it. Therefore, we delved into the analysis of the current situation both within and outside the company.

Survey of potential buyers and current dwellers made it possible to assess the brand health and identify consumer insights, which formed the basis of the company’s positioning and communication activities. As a result, it became obvious that:

  • Developer’s image is among top 5 selection criteria (26%), while location of residential estate and apartment price have the upper hand;
  • Undisputable leader of Astana market in terms of awareness and trust is Bi Group (96.3% and 93.5% respectively; 71.3% of potential buyers would like to buy an apartment from Bi Group). Boundless confidence in BI Group is primarily due to the permanent presence of the company in the information field and match of the actual situation and public statements. It became clear that amidst muck-raking movement, trust and guarantees are strong arguments and not a single developer can stay away from the general market trends;
  • economy and comfort-class segments have their own buyers – for them residential property is a chance to consolidate gains and create conditions for further growth – approx. 50% of such buyers are those coming from other regions. High state of readiness to buy a small flat out of accord with desired area is due to lack of financial stability at the new location.

Duration of Stay in Astana

(potential buyers of economy and comfort-class apartments)

Current Residence of Potential Buyers

(economy and comfort classes)




Potential Buyers’ Reasons to Move to Astana



We determined new positioning of the company to translate reliability and responsibility of the developer, which is, above all, respect for deadline commitments and high quality of life regardless of the living space.

We understand that along with a flow of calls, a key success factor is ability to duly process every incoming call. A series of mystery purchases enabled determination of important element for control – conversion of calls to real buyers. The company failed to convert the flow of calls generated by advertising activities into actual purchase. This had everything to do with lack of a clear sales scheme and control thereof. Introduction of both quantitative and qualitative KPIs to the incentives program enabled managers to elaborate every call, which coupled with reorganization of the sales department resulted in sales growth, which, in turn, doubled in as little as 3 months and became 4.5-fold in a year.


Duration of works: July-August 2015

Geography of works: Astana

Methodology used: telephone survey of early calls to the company (company database) – 300 effective interviews, personal interviews with the company’s residential complexes dwellers – 100 effective interviews, mystery shoppers in the sales departments of the company and its competitors, desktop research and analysis of the company information.

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