Picolino Case



Elit-Konditer LLP, a company known in Petropavlovsk as a leader of local confectionery market. Inspired by the idea to create a café in a new format of “gelateria”, the client turned to the Agency for the brand development.

It was clear that the client had the idea, willingness and 100% readiness, and all we had to do was to strengthen the idea and breathe life into it.

After all, the choice was to be made by the most demanding customers – children and their parents, so gelateria had to become not barely a place where you can enjoy the most delicious ice cream in the city, but an object of permanent desire and inspiration. As for this category of customers, it is space and its contents that make the whole place, since children and their parents come here not only to eat.

The Agency’s task was to develop the concept of Gelateria & Café specialized in the famous Italian dessert with fresh ingredients – natural milk, chocolate, fruit and berries. This approach was unprecedented for Petropavlovsk, until then there were pizza restaurants and small cafés for children’s parties with vague concept.  But since the very start of the project it was evident that offering cold ice cream only could quickly cool down eagerness of small and adult customers came therewith, especially given only 5 warm months in Northern Kazakhstan.

Works started with the analysis of information from various public sources, current supply of children’s entertainment and leisure activities in the city, choosing conduct and preferences of the townspeople for existing places. Together with the client we held in-depth briefing, which immersed the Agency team into the concept and atmosphere of the future café.

Future location of café and dimensions of Petropavlovsk itself (about 200 thousand inhabitants and possibility to get from one part of the city to another in 10 minutes) played very well for us. In the course of our studies we determined the exact target audience – 4 to 10 year-old kids with their parents. This helped us to develop the idea of FAMILY Cafe, where each visitor, in addition to feast, can relax and rest in the circle of his or her family and friends, have fun and learn something new. That is why apart from in-house production (ice-cream, confectionery, bread, etc.) we:

  • complemented the idea with unique offer concerning Italian cuisine;
  • made a well and truly child friendly format, both from the children’s and parents’ point of view, with the help of the education/creativity sites for children and their parents;
  • showed how to eat tasty and healthy food and abandoned some well-liked dishes;
  • expanded target audience through proposals for city-dwellers living in the neighborhood (bakery/confectionary/orders).


Children in Petropavlovsk by Age, % 

We clearly understood that children of different ages see the world in different ways and determined their needs in detail from the early “unconscious” age of 2-3 and down to 9-10 year-old teenagers, thus allowing “separation” of their flows inside the Café and use of exact ingredients, which will be a guarantee of funny, interesting and delicious holiday. We offered entertainments, menu, presentation and additional infrastructure for different age groups.

As a result we came to three components of the new family café positioning – family with a child as a focal point; mood, which becomes an attribute of the visit; and health benefits guaranteed by fresh, natural and proven ingredients.

To translate the positioning we developed the detailed plan of events and activities, which served as a permanent tool to attract new visitors.

Starting with one flagship café of 180 m2 and following the client’s vision of the future development, we developed the strategy to enter the market with the network in a variety of formats including mobile carriages with ice-cream in parks and public areas during summertime, island zones in shopping malls, etc.

Results of the project: 

– café launch in May 2016

– average load (October 2016) – XX%

– average purchase amount – KZT XXXX

– turnover performance to plan – XX%


Methodology and result

  • Methodology: analysis of competitive position in the city, interviews with town dwellers, study of information from publicly available sources.
  • Result: determination of the target audience and their needs, positioning development, determination of competitive advantages, menu recommendations, indoor entertainments by target audience, interior, promotion and activities plan for 6 months.
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